Yves Saint Laurent (M18)

Singapore Premiere


Hailed as an ‘incandescent’, ‘intimate’ and ‘moving’ biopic, the film chronicles the career and life of Yves Saint Laurent — first as a young designer catapulted to international stardom as the chosen successor of Christian Dior, then as fashion’s fallen angel who would eventually make a comeback to charm and shock the world of couture. The film also features Saint Laurent’s relationship with his lover and business partner Pierre Berge.

  • Director Jalil Lespert
  • Subject Fashion Design
  • Language French (Eng Sub)
  • Runtime 106 mins

“... an epic love story, full of highs, heartache and dependency...”
The Australian

“Many of the costumes in the film are original pieces designed by Saint Laurent, so the flick promises to be a genuine walk through some great moments in fashion history.”

“It is unflinchingly candid, never shying away from the darker side of Saint Laurent’s personality.”