808 (NC16)

Asia Premiere


Even if you don't know it by name, the 808 sound is everywhere — "Nothing sounds quite like an 808", quips the Beastie Boys. From Afrika Bambaataa to Diplo, 30 years of hip-hop and electronic music trace its roots to the iconic Roland TR-808 Drum Machine with its deep bass kick drum and unique cowbell sound that changed music forever.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Ikutaro Kakehashi (founder of Roland Corporation) and renowned musicians, the film proves that the 808 sound transgresses time and genre — although it might trigger some 80's nostalgia about a party where you told the DJ to "drop that beat and put on some 808".

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  • Director Alexander Dunn
  • Subject Product Design, Music
  • Language English
  • Runtime 107 mins

"There's certainly no denying the level of enthusiasm that powers the film, and as the history of the 808 illustrates, enthusiasm trumps expertise every time" — Variety

"808 has the ability to inform and excite anyone who's ever nodded their head to a beat instinctually" — Cinapse