Capital C (PG13)

Singapore Premiere


Crowdfunding has empowered a whole new generation of artists to cut out the middlemen and democratise innovation in a way we've never seen before. A compelling portrait of poker card designer Jackson Robinson, hippie Zach Crain, and video game veteran Brian Fargo who make their bold ideas a reality by reaching out to the crowd, Capital C is the first feature-length documentary dedicated to crowdfunding.

The film focuses on the hopes and dreams as well as the fears and pitfalls of trailblazing independent creators in the wake of the digital age, alongside interviews with experts on the crowd revolution such as Scott Thomas (Design Director Obama campaign), Seth Godin (best-selling author), and Molly Crabapple (political artist).

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  • Director Timon Birkhofer, Jørg M. Kundinger
  • Subject Crowdfunding, Product Design, Entrepreneurship
  • Language English
  • Runtime 87 mins

"Highly informative and full of helpful insight" — Huffington Post

"This extremely professionally made documentary film did not only surprise the jury with its liveliness, but even develops a new vision for humanity out of this new way of financing" — Stefan Ardnt, Zurich Film Festival jury president and Cloud Atlas producer

"If you are an inventor just waiting to invent — or if you just want to be at the forefront of a trend that is already in full swing — you can learn more about it all in Capital C" — CPH:DOX