Hand Made with Love in France (PG)

Singapore Premiere


A documentary celebrating the Parisian artisans who handcraft for haute couture houses such as Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent and a sobering look at the uncertain future of this small group of ateliers.

In the fashion of classic French humour, the film observes the day-to-day work of three consummate craftsmen: Gérard Lognon who specializes in hand-making pleats, Bruno Legeron, a veteran designer of artificial flowers and feathers, and Lorenzo Ré — one of three remaining sculptors of hat blocks. In a world with increasing demands on time, where hits become passé within minutes, where intricate craftsmanship face dwindling interest — what will happen to the art of haute couture, for which time still matters?

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Alliance française Theatre is the Venue Partner for the encore screenings of Hand Made with Love in France on 25 September, Friday, and 26 September, Saturday.

  • Director Julie Georgia Bernard
  • Subject Fashion, Craftsmanship, Haute Couture
  • Language French (Eng Subs)
  • Runtime 68 mins

"Must-see viewing for fashion hounds and an enjoyable elegantly crafted peek into a secret world for those who aren't" — The Georgia Straight

"Documentary honours France's dying breed of couture artisans" — Blouin Artinfo

"A look at the magicians of French fashion" — Style