Iris (PG13)

Asia Premiere


With 75 years of influence in fashion and interior design and a personal couture costume jewellery collection exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Iris Apfel is New York fashion scene's style maven — often called the "rare bird of fashion" for her eclectic style.

More than a fashion film, the documentary is a portrayal of an artist an eloquent in the art of self-reinvention, an inimitable character who reminds us that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment. From her delivery of wise and witty anecdotes on style and living, to her conversations with fans and friends, Iris is a story about creativity and how a soaring free spirit continues to inspire.

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  • Director Albert Maysles
  • Subject Fashion, Style
  • Language English
  • Runtime 80 mins

"A profile that's daffy, brassy, inspiring. Apfel is a quintessential New York character" — Entertainment Weekly

"A celebration of the revivifying power of creativity" — The Village Voice

"Her sharp unfiltered aphorisms make the movie a glittering trove of wisdom" — The New Yorker