Naoshima: Dream on the Tongue (PG)

Asia Premiere


As a result of a stunning contemporary art sponsoring project, Naoshima the island of "mists and trances" is changing. The pure timeless lines of three museums designed by Tadao Ando and on-site contemporary artworks blend into the landscape, scattered along its shores, and in the shadows of the forest.

The presence of art becomes the beating heart of this small island in the Seto inland sea — at once fascinating and inspiring, but also worrying and unsettling as the inhabitants witness an upheaval of changes threatening local primitive art and deeply rooted traditions. Naoshima (Dream on the Tongue) is a journey through a contemplative dreamscape, triggering questions on our concepts of beauty and art.

  • Director Claire Laborey
  • Subject Urban Design, Contemporary Art
  • Language Japanese (Eng Subs)
  • Runtime 67 mins

"8 km2 of a utopia as told by its inhabitants" — Visions du Reel

"(An) ode to these creations on the border between dreams and reality" — Fiches du Cinéma