Station to Station (NC16)

Asia Premiere


Traveling from New York City to San Francisco over 24 days, a train designed as a kinetic light sculpture by artist Doug Aitken set into motion a kaleidoscope of artistic productions.

Station to Station is a revolutionary feature comprising of 62 one-minute films highlighting an exciting and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, writers, places, and perspectives featuring: Ed Ruscha describing the discoveries to be made in the great American landscape, Beck performing with a gospel choir in the Mojave desert, and Jackson Browne reflecting on the influence of the railroad on his music. A high speed road-trip through modern creativity, the film captures the dizzying brilliance of an ever-evolving creative culture.

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  • Director Doug Aitken
  • Subject Contemporary Art, Music, Dance, Design
  • Language English
  • Runtime 70 mins

"A fast-paced, adventurous, multivalent exploration of the creative processes across various disciplines" — What (Not) To Doc

"A meditation on art, travel and transience" — The Hollywood Reporter

"(One) of the most thought-provoking music documentaries on the horizon for 2015" — Pitchfork