Very Semi-Serious (NC16)

Asia Premiere


For a cartoonist, getting published in The New Yorker amounts to reaching the highest pinnacle in the art of being funny. From Gluyas Williams's martini drinker of 1938 to Roz Chast's polite Canadian of 2012, the iconic single-panel cartoons have since become synonymous with the revered magazine.

Very Semi-Serious takes a look at The New Yorker's venerable cartoon department, where cartoon editor and founder of The Cartoon Bank, Bob Mankoff goes through hundreds of cartoons on weekly pitches with hopefuls and also legends such as Mort Gerberg. A humorous meditation on the future of comedy and the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves, the film showcases a first-rate community of cartoonists whose pencil marks outlast generations.

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  • Director Leah Wolchok
  • Subject Cartoon, Illustration, Editorial
  • Language English
  • Runtime 83 mins

"A (mostly) straight-faced movie about the art of being funny" — Variety

"A warm and frequently hilarious portrait of the unique men and women who live for that rare moment when their drawings are printed in their business' holiest book" — Time Out New York

"A pleasing balance between office minutiae and comic greatest hits" — The Hollywood Reporter